Mosaic Church Photo Gallery
Mens Breakfast 2016

Barbecue under the Stars
Barbecue 2012- What a great time we had.  It was a blessing to be with our family.

Water for Life 2012 Walk

Hanna & Sam Shower

Ladies and Men's Breakfast
Ladies Breakfast held on Saturday, January 22, 2011
Men's Breakfast held on Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mississippi Mission Trip 2010

2010 Autumn Retreat
It was definitely a retreat to attend. The weather was beautiful, being with our church family was special and God's grace just surrounded the grounds.  And most of all we had two incredible and most dedicated  leaders- Pastor George and Laura.  We Thank You Both!

Wedding of Tom & Donna
What a beautiful celebration.  What a blessing to have two beautiful people in our church!

Barbecue 2014
What a great time with all had sharing and  being together.

2010 Mississippi Mission Trip

Dedication of Anthony Christian
Fourth son of proud parents of Norma and Karl Gutierrez.

Pastor George & Laura
What a beautiful and special day renewing their Vows!

Water For Life 2010
A Sucessful Concert!
The night was full of blessings!

Mother's Day 2010
"Mother's Day 2010- What a beautiful service and a inspiring sermon by Laura.   Just a few picutres from our service.

2009 2nd Annual Retreat
What a great time and very inspiring!

2009 Yard Sale
This is our 2nd Yard Sale to support the Joyce Meyer Ministries-women driven into prostitution.  Collection: $1300.00

Baptism's Pictures

Birthday Party-Bell Family

Summer Picnic with St. Marks
Mosaic Summer Picnic with St. Mark's Church

Mississippi Mission Trip 2009
Blessed shephards went to Mississippi to touch the lives of  people who lost everyting they own.  Pictures of the trip taken by Laura, Pastor George's wife  from the beginning of the trip to the end!  What a experience to be present and witness the lives of broken families get back on their feet.  Thank you for your time, endurance and love.

Quiet Day
It was a very fulfilling day. Their were about 13 and we had such a peaceful time together.  I highly recommend if you can get the day off to join us to have a quiet day with God and share with one another.

Water for Life Concert 2009
Our 5th Water for Life Concert.  It was tremendous.  As of May 5 we have donations up to 11,700.oo and climbing.  Praise Jesus!

St. Mark's
Our first worship and fellowship in our New Home at St. Marks Mehodist Church.

Mississippi Mission Trip 2008
Photos from our Missionary Trip in Mississippi-2008

Water for Life Concert
Our 4th Water for Life Concert was held on Friday, June 6th, 2008. It was a night of great music and we raised 13,000. What a blessing to be able to build two wells in a country where children and adults drink contaminated water . Thank you Jesus!



14th Annual Prom Boutique

Quiet Day
March 14, 2008- Quiet Day @ St. Ignatius.  Pictures taken by Anthny.

Alpha 2008
Pactical introduction to the Christian faith.  It addresses foundational questions with an opportunity to explore the meaning of life.

The Alpha Course is based on Alpha-Questions of Life by Nicky Gumbel.

Christmas Dinner 2007
Photos from our Christmas 2007 dinner.

Pascagoula, Mississippi
Work and Witness Mission Trip to Pascagoula, Mississippi summer of 2007 

Water For Life Concert-2007
On Sunday, May 6th, we held our 3rd "Water For Life" concert. It was a night of great music for a great cause!

New Orleans Mission Trip
Mission trip to New Orleans in the summer of 2006.

Mosaic Church
Here's a collection of photos from various Mosaic church activities!

Spring Dinner
Mosaic Nazarene Church celebrated Spring with dinner and worship at the Elks Lodge on Saturday, May 5, 2007. The food was great and we were entertained by the Nazarene Step Team!

Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday was an uplifting and blessed celebration!

Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday worship at Mosaic was a beautiful morning filled with song, dance and fellwoship!

Quiet Day
March 30th was a perfect Spring day for our Quiet Day at St. Ignatius Retreat House in Manhasset. Enjoy viewing the beautiful grounds and fabulous faces who were there!

Mosaic Christmas Dinner
December 15, 2006 was a night of fun and wonderful food as we celebrated our first Mosaic Christmas together!

Mosaic Worship Service
October 28, 2006 -Welcome to one of our very first Saturday night Mosaic services at Christ Episcopal Church in Lynbrook!

Mosaic Birthing Celebration
October 15, 2006. What a Blessed Time we had as "Mother" Church gave birth to "Mosaic" Nazarene Church. See photos of this very special celebration.

Missions Trip 07
More photos from our time in New Orleans, July 2006.

Soul Food Dinner 2014