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Mosaic Church came into existence in 2006, born out of the Valley Stream Church of the Nazarene, under the leadership of Pastor George and Laura Rauchfuss. Since our “planting” we’ve met in a few different locations as the church grew and changed and now we have a permanent home at 270 Franklin Avenue in Malverne.

The congregation is made up of folks from all walks of life, and we enjoy the diversity. No matter what your religious (or non-religious) background, you are welcome to come in with your questions and doubts, with your desire to learn more about God, more about how to pray, more about how to read and understand the Bible, more about how to find some meaning and purpose for your life in this confusing world…and maybe even find a place to belong. We are a congregation who has experienced the realities of life, and you’ll find us to be pretty non-judgmental and accepting of all different kinds of people. In all things we try to follow the teachings of Jesus, not always perfectly, but His is the example we try to follow. In addition to our regular Sunday gatherings, we offer small groups for Bible Study, book discussions, support for divorce, grief, recovery, prayer and spiritual direction. 

At Mosaic we believe in building relationships in our local congregation, in the community, and in the world. We enjoy relaxing times of gathering around meals pretty regularly, we are always open to our surrounding community; inviting them to services and gatherings, offering spiritual support, taking part in food and toy collection and distribution for the needy on Long Island. We impact the world in our own small way by raising funds to dig wells in underdeveloped nations and to help end the evil of human trafficking. We also partner in mission with an impoverished village in Bellevue, Haiti, sending food, first aid, clothing, etc. directly to the people living in very harsh conditions.

Mosaic is affiliated with the Church of the Nazarene, and we are one of 120 Nazarene Churches in Metro New York area, and one of over 30,500 Nazarene Churches world-wide. We invite you to like our Facebook page. To learn more about the denomination visit

We hope you’re interested in visiting… and maybe even becoming a part of this faith community. You would be most welcome!

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